Soft Laser PLUS
Softlaser PLUS

Adds pulsing and vibration
Soft Laser PLUS Rechargeable
Softlaser Rechargeable

Now a softlaser with rechargeable battery
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Our most powerful laser for home use
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SL50 Charger

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Softlaser Rechargeable

Brand NEW Model - Now RECHARGEABLE!!!

At home personal use laser.
Wrinkle Reduction, Pain Relief & Beautiful Skin!
Many Other Uses.

Laser Therapy - The Healing Energy & Power of Light!

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Softlaser Rechargeable

Important information and specifications:

This Laser Comes With:

The SL30 Softlaser and the Softlaser Plus have been the most successful softlasers in the world. We have now enhanced and expanded their features to make it even more effective. The Softlaser Plus Rechargeable has been redesigned with a new 635-650nm primary laser wavelength and now has user selectable continuous wave and as well as 20Hz pulsing frequency to be even more effective. The Softlaser Rechargeable incorporates a host of advanced features in a 5 mW home-use laser device and provides convenient USB recharging. It is ideal for all types of skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, promoting collagen production and for anti-aging programs.

Fitness Magazine tried and loved our original Softlaser. The Softlaser+ personal laser is a revolution in the field of low level laser therapy. It can be utilized to help reverse the effects of aging, to promote a beautiful complexion and for anti-aging programs. It is safe, effective and simple to use. The coherent red spectrum laser will contribute to the timelessness of beauty with their elegant and proven light energy. There are no side effects of low level laser in over thirty years of clinical research and home use. The Softlaser Plus low level laser will give your skin tone and color and so much more! Low intensity lasers are pure coherent light energy. These state of the art lasers do not cut or burn as high powered surgical lasers do. Instead they penetrate into the skin and accelerate the body's natural regenerative capabilities, reducing the effects of aging. They work at the cellular level providing light energy to help reduce the aging process. You feel no pain or discomfort as a result of the treatment. Low level lasers have proven to be highly effective in clinical trial studies worldwide.

The Softlaser Plus works effectively for wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, spider veins, crows feet, pain relief and numerous other conditions proven to respond to cold laser therapy. The Beurer Softlaser, the most sought after softlaser ever, is being updated with our new Softlaser Plus that combines all the features of the Beurer softlaser and adds a host of new laser therapy features such as pulsed laser treatment combined with massage for a highly effective red light treatment with laser. It is the most advanced at home laser therapy device you can buy.

Clinical studies in Europe have proven this product highly effective to:

How it works:

Laser therapy is based on the working principles of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in a process known as Bio-stimulation. LLLT employs a very low dosage of coherent laser light that has been proven to vitalize the cells by increasing the mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in the cell. This in turn enhances the regenerative capacity of the cells making them act younger and promoting collagen production. In addition, LLLT has been shown to have positive effects on blood microcirculation, the immune response, and the modulation of pain of inflammation.