Water Saving Shower Head


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See the video below to view the showerhead in operation, and at different flow rates.

Roadrunner LOW flow shower head

by Evolve

If you're looking for the PERFECT showerhead you've found it!

Using a maximum of 1.5 gallons/minute it gives you a GREAT feeling shower...plus it has technology not found in other showerheads!

Designed to delight, it won't feel like you're saving nearly one gallon of water every minute you're in the shower. And with its integrated ShowerStart technology you're conserving water while your shower's warming too. Add it up and the Roadrunner saves about 8 gallons of water for every 5 minute shower.

Great looks, wide coverage spray pattern, solid brass fittings, anti-clog spray nozzles and integrated ShowerStart technology - doing your part never felt so good.

Do you multitask while you wait for the shower to get hot? Brush your teeth? Make the bed? Maybe even pick out your clothes or iron a collar? Many of us do - and don't know that while we're feeding the dog or grabbing that second cup of coffee, two-and-a-half gallons of hot water per minute are funneling down the drain.

The automatic trickle reduces the flow of the water as soon as it reaches a comfortable 95 degrees. This way your hot water is no longer running down the drain while you're away from the shower. The automatic trickle allows your evolve showerhead to:

  • Warm your shower without wasting hot water
  • Save water and energy instead of wasting it while brushing your teeth, shaving, using toilet...
  • Give you the freedom to pick out clothes, grab a towel - while waiting for shower to warm
  • Tell you (hear) when your shower is ready

Key Features:

  • ShowerStart technology - save time, water & money without lowering water flow
  • 1.5 GPM (max.) water flow - saves water & energy while taking a shower
  • Pressure Compensating Technology - shower feels great, even with lower water pressures
  • Full Face Spray Pattern - better water coverage for maximum showering comfort (temperature)
  • Solid Brass fittings - premium materials, built to last
  • Attractive design with chrome finish - looks great and matches any décor


  • Trickle/savings mode activated when water reaches 95 degrees F (35 degrees C), then get in the shower and pull the cord...no hot water wasted! This mode resets after each shower.
  • Attaches to any shower arm with industry standard 1/2" fittings
  • 3.25" diameter head
  • Maximum flow rate of 1.5 gpm at 80psi
  • Solid brass fittings & ABS body
  • Attractive design with chrome finish - looks great and matches any decor.