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The Garlic Twist by NexTrend

Garlic Twist

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Editorial comment:

We've loved garlic for a long time, but the preparation wasn't easy or pleasant. Now we have found this to be the perfect tool for preparing garlic, and want to share it with everyone. It's even built to last for many years. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The Garlic Twist is:
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Handy to crush and peel garlic
  • Minces garlic to ideal texture
  • Neatly gathers garlic for use
  • No waste of garlic
  • Rinse once to clean

How to use:
  • For quick peeling of garlic, use the Garlic Twist to whack unpeeled cloves 2-3 times to loosen the skin. Grip the tip of the skin and slip it off in whole.
  • For easy mincing, keep the two halves of the Garlic Twist slightly apart while twisting it back-and-forth. This would allow the garlic to be shredded layer-by-layer. If done properly, the Garlic Twist would enable garlic to be minced with minimal effort.
  • For quick and neat gathering of the minced garlic, twist the top half to one direction until considerable resistance is felt, then back-twist it to the other direction until considerable resistance is again felt, then back-twist it again very slightly to push minced garlic to the center completely free of the mincing teeth before opening.
  • For best control, use a table knife or spoon to push the two chunks of neatly gathered minced garlic piles out for use starting from the center of the bowl.
  • The Garlic Twist loves garlic, so use a generous amount of garlic. Fill it up with peeled garlic then start mincing, you’ll be amazed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have to first peel the garlic?
A: The Garlic Twist is a full-function manual kitchen tool for preparing garlic for cooking. It provides a simple means to help you to remove the skin of the garlic clove, and then to mince and gather it. Please refer to the instructions for its use.

Q: How many cloves can I put in the Garlic Twist?
A: You can always stuff it full but you should at least use two medium size cloves, for better tasting dishes, and for health, as well as enable to Garlic Twist to properly gather the minced garlic bits.

Q: Is the Garlic Twist dishwasher safe?
A: The Garlic Twist is made of tough polycarbonate and is top rack dishwasher safe. It can easily be cleaned with a quick rinse under running water. Let air-dry.

Q: I have weak wrist and I find it hard to twist to mince garlic. What can I do?
A: Hold the two halves of the Garlic Twist slightly apart while you twist back and forth. This allows you to shred the garlic cloves layer-by-layer. If this is done correctly, hardly any effort is required. Alternatively, drop in two cloves of crush-peeled garlic inside the bottom half of the Garlic Twist, then position the top half such that its mincing teeth are directly on top of the cloves; then push it down to allow the mincing teeth to crunch into the cloves breaking them apart for effortless mincing.

Q: Can the Garlic Twist be used for mincing ginger or any other food?
A: The Garlic Twist can be used to mince pre-sliced ginger. Some users have found the Garlic Twist to be ideal for mincing shallot or Jalapeno pepper for use in making Salsa. It can also be used to mince onion except it is limited by the quantity it can mince each time.

Q: Can I store minced garlic inside the Garlic Twist?
A: The Garlic Twist is best used for temporary storage of minced garlic while you are busy with other cooking chores. Improperly storing minced garlic can cause an undesirable odor and create a health hazard.