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Wake up Naturally, to your own personal sunrise!

The Apollo Daybreak® creates a natural sunrise that tells your body clock that it's time to wake up, gently waking your body from its final sleep stage so you can wake refreshed and alert. Dawn simulation restores the balance of sunrise/sunset that our bodies crave. Now for the first time ever, dawn/dusk technology typically reserved for Sleep Labs is available for use in your own home.
Daybreak in use

Why Waking up is Hard to Do

8 of 10 adults struggle to get out of bed in the morning, and have problems sleeping at night. Traditional alarm clocks wake you with a sudden jolt of noise that interrupts your final stage of sleep, causing a condition known as sleep latency that makes it hard to get out of bed. The effects of sleep latency can last all day.

A Better Way to Wake Up Naturally

Your body knows when to go to sleep and when to wake up from the light/dark signals it receives. Unlike the sudden jolt of your alarm clock, Daybreak Duo® provides a natural sunrise that wakes you gradually. Using TrueDawn" technology, the Daybreak matches the actual light patterns of a natural sunrise.

Sleep Better Too

Your Daybreak Duo can help you get more from your sleep cycle in two important ways. First, waking up gradually to sunrise simulation allows your body to fully complete its final sleep stage and sets your body clocks sleep timer so that you fall asleep more easily at bedtime. Second, your Daybreak Duo also provides sunset simulation, a gradual decrease in light that tells your body clock to slow down by replicating natures signal that its time to go to sleep.

Get Up on the Right Side of your Day

Begin every morning with your Daybreak Duo, and see how easy it is to get going. Research has shown that getting the right amount of light before you wake can get your body clock started properly, and help you start your morning refreshed.

Works with Your Existing Bedside Lamp

The Daybreak Duo works with the bed-side lamp you already have in your bedroom, making it easy to install and use immediately. You dont need additional accessories, and you dont have to redecorate!

Features & Specifications

Only the Daybreak Duo from Apollo Health uses TrueDawn technology to accurately simulate the light levels of an actual sunrise. 

Below are all the outstanding features that come with the Daybreak Duo:

Sunset Mode

Daybreak at an angle

Signals your body clock that its time to fall asleep (children love this feature!)

Two Wake Time Settings

Use one wake time for weekdays, another for weekends.

AM/FM Radio Alarm

In case you like some music with your sunrise...

Radio Presets

Daybreak Duo remembers 3 of your favorite stations for instant tuning.

Amber Backlit Screen

Wont disturb your sleep like white, blue or green displays.

Adjustable Screen Intensity

Bright during the day and auto-dimmed during sleeping hours.

Lamp Brightness Control

Turns an ordinary lamp into a variable-intensity (dimming) lamp.

Dimensions & Weight

  • 7" x 4" x 3.5"
  • 1.9 lbs

Additional Features

  • Touch screen for easy programming
  • Snooze/nap functions
  • Adjustable sunrise/sunset length (15 min to 2 hrs)
  • ETL approved, US & Canada
  • Works with most standard incandescent bedside lamps

A Better Sunrise with TrueDawn"

The Daybreak Duo® sunrise/sunset simulator is powered by TrueDawn technology that matches a natural sunrise. Apollo engineers measured the light intensity changes that occur from darkness to full sunrise, so that the Daybreak could provide the most accurate sunrise simulation possible.

The Natural "S" Curve

It turns out that the light changes during a sunrise are not "linear" (like a dimmer switch). Instead, light increases gradually following an "S" curve, also know as a sigmoidal curve.

Daybreak graph

  • Natural Sunrise increases very slowly at first, allowing a gradual awakening.

  • The Daybreak's TrueDawn technology matches natural sunrise allowing your sleep cycle to finish. You awaken gradually without sleep latency.

  • Alarm clocks disrupt the last stages of sleep, increasing sleep latency and delaying alertness.

Simulating this "S" curve takes more engineering and expense to recreate, but the results are worth it. Daybreak Duo helps you wake up the way nature intended, which improves your mood, boosts your energy and even helps you sleep better by setting your cycle properly.

Touchscreen Simplicity

Nothing is more frustrating than fumbling with buttons in the dark. Daybreaks illuminated touch screen gives you quick, easy access to all the programmable features so that changes are a breeze.

Smart Illumination

To ensure the best visibility, the Daybreak brightens automatically during the day, then dims the display at night so as not to disturb your sleep.

User Guide

Download Daybreak Duo User Guide PDF Icon

2-Year Warranty

With Apollo products rest assured you have the finest product of its kind available. We stand 100% behind the quality and craftsmanship of all our products. All products purchased through an authorized dealer feature a full 2-year warranty.