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Get an energy boost. Naturally.

When your body clock doesn't get the right type of light, it can make you feel tired and moody. But the right light at the right time will reset your sleep, mood, and energy cycles, so you can sleep better and feel great during waking hours. The briteLITE safely and quickly provides the light your body needs.

The World's Best Line of Full-Spectrum, 10,000-lux Light Boxes Just Got Better.

Introducing the briteLITE 6, our newest full-spectrum product, and the best one we've ever built.

What Makes Our New briteLITE 6 Better?

It improves on our previous models in several important ways.

Faster Results

Most importantly, the briteLITE 6 provides a faster treatment. It produces more of the effective bandwidth of light than our earlier models did, so youll feel better even faster.

Big Light, Small Device

The briteLITE 6 is more compact than any full-spectrum, 10,000-lux light box we've ever offered. Its sleek new design gives it a much smaller footprint, so it takes up less space on your desk or table. We've also increased the effective field of the light, so you can use it at greater distances than before!

Set It and Forget It

The new briteLITE 6 offers four timer settings, from 15 to 60 minutes. It remembers the last timer setting you chose, and shuts down automatically when your treatment time is finished, making it easier to use.

Trusted by More Doctors, Researchers, and Hospitals than Any Other Brand.

For 20 years, the briteLITE series has been the choice of doctors, researchers and hospitals, because Phillips Respironics / Apollo Health is consistently at the forefront of the science of light therapy. The briteLITE brand has been used in more light-therapy research than any other brand.

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New Discovery changes Light Therapy

Recently, scientists discovered a special kind of cells in our eyes - called melanopsin photoreceptors - that are responsible for using light to regulate our body clocks. These receptors respond to specific wavelengths of light that occur naturally in sunlight. Researchers call these wavelengths the 'action spectrum' because they are so much more powerful than other kinds of light.

Action Spectrum for Maximum Benefit

Apollo has engineered the worlds first full-spectrum, 10,000-lux lightbox that produces 100% of the right kind of light. Most traditional light boxes dont produce enough of this action spectrum to be really effective. The briteLITE 6 is engineered to bring the benefits of this new research to the 10,000-lux world. It has 50% more of this effective bandwidth (460-485 nm) than our best-selling briteLITE IV at the same distance.

The briteLITE 6 is on the Cutting Edge of Light-Therapy Research

The Brite Lite 6 combines Apollo's patent-pending BRITEWAVE" and BLUEWAVE" technologies to produce a brighter, steadier light source, with the ideal wave lengths, color spectrum and intensity for maximum therapeutic results. These technologies are only available from Apollo Health The Leader in Light Therapy.

The First Name in Full-Spectrum, 10,000-lux Light Therapy.

Since 1987, Apollo Health has pioneered the way to better health through light therapy. We have participated in more research and clinical trials than any other light therapy company, and our products have helped hundreds of thousands of people manage their body clocks for better health.

Features & Specifications

Only the briteLITE 6 from Apollo Health uses BRITEWAVEŽ technology to accurately shift your circadian rhythm. Below are all the outstanding features that come with the new briteLITE 6:

  • Full-spectrum, 10,000-lux light therapy
  • Recommended usage distance: 20 to 30 inches (50 to 75 cm)
  • Color Corrected Temperature: 6,500 Kelvin
  • Dimensions: 7.1" x 11.0" x 17.4"
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs.
  • Impact-resistant ABS plastic body
  • Frosted white-polycarbonate lens diffuses the light evenly
  • Produces no harmful UV
  • 2-year warranty

User Guide

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2-Year Warranty

With Apollo products rest assured you have the finest product of its kind available. We stand 100% behind the quality and craftsmanship of all our products. All products purchased through an authorized dealer feature a full 2-year warranty.